Grow a solid foundation on Facebook – WITHOUT THE STRESS

Here is my tip for growing a memorable reputation on Facebook, something you buisness owners might really want to do. 

Know where your business is at and work within your means to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Here’s what I mean: If you aren’t seeing many results on facebook and you are spending your time worrying about what day of the week or time of day to post, you’re just causing yourself more stress than you need.  Start focusing on WHAT you put up to create meaningful (and hopefully viral) content that people will naturally gravitate towards.

When you are looking to share content to your audience look at HOW you are displaying it to them:
  • Could your idea be better displayed with a photo?
  • Is there someone who has already shared this idea clearly who you could link to?
  • Are you providing easy to follow steps when calling your audience to action?
  • Are you ideas easy to read, relatable, and clear?


Steps for making a facebook page that people can’t stay away from:

  • Make it Attractive – branded cover photo and profile image that shows your brand style
  • Make it Informative – is all of your information updated, will people understand what you’re about
  • Update it Regularly – make sure you’re getting content out there (but don’t annoy your audience with hourly posts)
  • Keep it Different – use diverse content that does more than promote your services
  • Find Appropriate Content – if your facebook post is more than a few sentences long, make it a blog post instead
  • Engage with your audience and topics related to your industry
  • Use insights to find out what your audience most enjoys and when they want to hear about it
  • Promote offers and events that your audience will enjoy
  • Ask for feedback – check to see what your competition is up to

Anyone can make a facebook page for business but following the steps above you can stand out from the crowd.  If any topics discussed were not clear or you need help making a content schedule, do not hesitate to contact me at