CHANGE , and make it stick!

Now, If the change that you are trying to make it within your company:
1. Be clear and authoritative. Make it clear why, how, and when a change is being instituted.

2. Lead By Example.  This doesn’t always mean you do every job but your employees should know that you would be willing to do every job when needed.  Never ask your employees to do something that you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself.

3. Follow Up.  Ensure that the change is enforced and will be checked on a regular basis.  Set  a date like a staff meeting to allow for open conversation and feedback.

4. Set consequences. If employees struggle with the changes, how will you help them and what happens if they are not able to adapt to change.


Example: Your change is a new “NO CELL PHONE” policy.  First be clear and communicate to your employees why and when this change will